Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bash Bish Falls Hiking

Bash Bish Falls is located in the most South Western part of MA, right near Mount Washington State Forest.  It is also the highest single drop waterfall in the state.

It’s not a very long or difficult hike, but it does offer some great scenery.  The hike down to the falls is around 30 minutes.  It’s often wet so it can be a bit slippery, but otherwise, heading down is pretty easy.  Going back up, well, that’s a bit of a different story. It’s a pretty steep ascent, so a bit more challenging on the way up, but overall, a quick and relatively easy hike.  The hike up generally takes no more than an hour.  On the way home, we stopped at the Barrington Brewery for some lunch.  Food, service and atmosphere was great.  I would highly suggest stopping in if you are in the area.  The website is

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