Sunday, October 3, 2010

Long Weekend At October Mountain State Forest

I haven’t visited to October Mountain State Forest since my dad and I went camping 20yrs ago or so. October Mountain is the largest state forest in Massachusetts. The name “October Mountain” is attributed to Herman Mellville. From his house in Pittsfield he was impressed with the view of the hills in the fall.

We arrived at the campsite Friday late afternoon in the pouring rain. Luckily our camp was easy to set up, we slept in the bed of the truck. We stayed dry and elevated all weekend. The rain stopped around dusk so we started up the grill and got a fire going.

Saturday morning brought brisk but clear weather. It was 45-55 degrees. We fired up the grill and jetboil and had some breakfast.  Scrambled eggs and hamburgers.  Is there any better campsite  breakfast then eggs and meat? I think not.  After we cleaned up the dishes we decided to take the truck and explore a little. Upon check-in the ranger said there was some good fishing around so we made a quick stop to fish for an hour. At 1st I waded in and fished some cover, but didn’t have any luck.  I decided to shore fish near a footbridge across the pond. Earlier I saw a lot of action there and heard of some large Pike taken recently. I tied on my trusty chartreuse spinnerbait and 1st cast out hauled in a largemouth bass.

A little while later I put the fishing gear away and we continued to explore the forest. The ranger said the roads in the forest were in poor condition but I didn’t have any troubles in my 4×4 Ram. We saw many people with their ATV’s on the trails. Our goal was a “scenic destination” that was labeled on the map. After 30-45min of driving through the forest we arrived at our destination. We stopped and took some photo’s before returning to camp.  It’s to bad the foliage wasn’t as vivid as previous years due to the lack of rain.

The rest of the trip was sitting by the campfire for the night then packing up camp in the morning. It was a fun trip and I’m looking forward to going back to that pond with a boat and see what size monsters I can catch.

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