Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mt. Toby Hiking

I was doing some research on waterfalls in MA when I stumbled upon Mt. Toby.  It’s not listed on the MA State Parks site, so my source info was limited to Wikipedia and my topo maps.  My AccuTerra iPhone app only had 2 trails listed for this mountain, but I knew there were many more.  I discovered online that there were five waterfalls throughout the mountain.  The only one I got around to seeing was the Roaring Falls.  I didn’t hike down to the base of it but I was able to stand above it and check it out from that angle.  It was partly frozen and not as picturesque as the Bash Bish Falls but still a great sight.

After the falls, we hiked up to the top where there is a fire tower and a couple picnic tables.  We took the Tower Rd. trail which had many portions that were iced over.  The road was a 6 mile trip to the top and back.  It’s pretty much a logging road to the top.  Next time, I’ll most certainly be sure to take more trails and find the other 4 waterfalls.

Here is a link to the wikipedia site for info.

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