Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Brody!!

I've mentioned my dog Brody a few times in previous posts, mainly in regard to pheasant hunting trips.  He is half black lab and half golden retriever.  Today is his 2nd birthday and so far he has turned out to be 100% what I had wanted and expected him to be.  He's all black and rarely sheds, which any of you who, like me, have owned a golden or two can appreciate.  He is an excellent house dog and very affectionate.  He's 88lbs which is a little bigger then I had thought he would be, but it's all in his breast.  His breast is 31" around!  He's got a fantastic nose and will play fetch until your arm falls off.  He's also constantly making Sara and I laugh with his antics. With a little more work in the field this year, he'll become a decent hunting dog.  So Happy Birthday Brody!!!!!!


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