Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fishing "New" Water

It's been probably 20 years since i've fished Red Bridge.  I do remember bits and pieces of my last trip because it's a family joke that's been told for years and years.  Red Bridge is another section of the Chicopee River, just farther upstream.  It's 106 acres with a max depth at around 33'-35'.  I arrived at the boat launch at 5:15am just as the sun was creeping over the treeline.


We're expecting severe thunderstorms today so I knew I only had a few hours of fishing before I was caught in the storm(s).  I started fishing cover and caught a small bass barely bigger than the Rat L' Trap I caught it on.  I then decided to give some of the Berkley Havoc baits another try so I can finish up my review on them, but didn't have  any luck.  The wind picked up drastically and I spent the remainder of the day exploring and fishing banks with a Mepps Aglia gold spinner with a rooster tail.  I marked the underwater structures and continued to fish the banks hoping I could get the whole body of water in before the thunder. 

I came across a fallen tree creating a pool around it and I knew something had to live there.  I casted the Mepps and saw something trailing it.  I paused a minute and BAM a good sized Crappie hit it. Shortly thereafter I caught a panfish, then heard loud cracks of thunder so I put the rod's away and motored back to the launch and called it a morning.  It was a productive morning for the time I put in.  I got some good info on the river but only half of it.  I'm looking forward to getting info on the other half of the river next time I go out.



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