Monday, June 6, 2011

Peaked Mountain Hiking

A few months back I hiked the Miller Tract area, well this morning I hiked the other section down the road called Peaked Mountain.  It's a 1227' summit that overlooks Monson.  It's a quick and simple hike that's close to home.  It's 2 miles (depending on which way you go up to the top).  We choose to go up and around to both vista's and back down.  The weather wasn't bad it was in the 70s and there were scattered clouds.  I was hoping to see if I could see any of the tornado damaged area's of Monson.  The view was good but we weren't able to see any of the damaged area's. I've been using an app on my iPhone called Accuterra.  It's a great app that records the your tracks, shows trails, records multiple data, and let's you export it for other to view it on google maps.  The link to my trip through accuterra is here.  The link is only good until July 6th.

The trail map for both Millers and Peaked can be found here.

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