Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: Book - Cache Lake Country

I was recently on the National Outdoor Book Awards website going through previous winners trying to pick what interests me.  I made a list and purchased a few from amazon.  The 1st one I purchased was Cache Lake Country. Here is the amazon description.....

Winner of the 1999 National Outdoor Book Award: Outdoor Classic Category.Over half a century ago, John Rowlands set out by canoe into the wilds of Canada to survey land for a timber company. After paddling alone for several days—"it was so quiet I could hear the drops from the paddle hitting the water"—he came upon "the lake of my boyhood dreams." He never left. He named the place Cache Lake because there was stored the best that the north had to offer—timber for a cabin; fish, game, and berries to live on; and the peace and contentment he felt he could not live without. Cache Lake Country is a vivid and faithful chronicle of life in the great Northern Forest and a storehouse of valuable information on woodcraft and nature. Here is folklore and philosophy, but most of all wisdom about the woods and the inventiveness and self-reliance they demand. The author explains how to make moccasins, barrel stoves, lean-to shelters, outdoor bake ovens, sailing canoes, and hundreds of other ingenious and useful gadgets, all illustrated in the margins with 230 enchanting drawings by Henry B. Kane.

I really enjoyed this book because it shows another side to living life in the wilderness.  The author had two friends that lived only a couple miles away.  One of the author's friends was an old Indian Chief.  This book is full of the many wisdoms that the Chief taught the author.  It's twelve chapters long, one month per chapter.  This book is not all about great adventures but it does a great job of telling a story of making due with what you have and loving every minute of it.  On almost every page there are small drawings in the margin's depicting things that the author mentions.   I highly recommend this book.  At $11 how can you go wrong.

If you would like to purchase this book you can find it on amazon by clicking here.


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