Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cape Cod Vaca - Day 1: Nauset Beach, The Red Pheasant Inn, and a Sunset

For the 1st day of our vacation we decided to go to Nauset Beach in Orleans.  I spent many years on the back beach of Nauset where you can drive your 4x4 on the sand.  It was a breezy 84 degrees but the water was pretty warm.  The tide was coming in and we saw a couple seals swimming down the beach.  I was hoping to see “Jaws” following it, but no luck.  We stayed for a few hours then came back to the camper to get ready because we had reservations at The Red Pheasant.  The Red Pheasant is a restaurant in Dennis right off route 6a.  Sara found a few places we could go and let me choose which one I wanted to go to.  I looked at the menu and this place has a wild game special.  It was an obvious choice that this was the one for me.  As we walked in we saw a stained glass pheasant as well as a few stuffed pheasant and various other pheasant items.  When I found out that Venison was the wild game special for the night I jumped up and kicked my heels, figuratively speaking of course.  Sara decided to go with the wild stuffed shrimp.  Both meals were excellent and arrived fast.  We finished our meals so fast we decided to go to Paine’s Creek in Brewster to catch the sunset.  I will post up a time lapse video of the sunset later. YouTube is messing up the 1st few frame's when uploading.

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