Monday, September 12, 2011

Oxbow Lodge Bear Hunt Day 2

This morning we woke up at 7am and got ready for breakfast, which is going to be served each day at 730am. There was a choice of eggs, pancakes, cereal, home fries, and sausage.  I ate some eggs, home fries, and pancakes, and the food was excellent. If that's breakfast each day, I'm going to go home 10lbs heavier than I left, which wouldn't be a bad thing. After breakfast we went out to the range to make sure the bullet still went where it was pointed. We each took a few shots and everything was right where it should be, so if I miss I can't blame the gun.  While driving to the range, I did see a few small deer on the side of the road running back into the woods. 

We got back to the lodge and relaxed on the couches and shot some pool for an hour or two.  Unfortunately, I took a beating at the pool table. I snapped some pictures of the lodge, which can be seen in my gallery or by clicking the link below. Lunch was served at 1230pm and the menu consisted of meatloaf and a baked tator. Again, the food was great! After lunch we showered up, got the camo on, and went hunting.  

Serge and I were dropped off in separate spots, probably 2 miles or so away from eachother and the other hunters.  The North Woods consist of a main dirt road, with smaller dirt roads off of the main road, then finally a hiking style trail to get to the tree stand or ground blind.  I got in my stand a little after 2pm.  The chipmunks, squirrels, and blue jays were going crazy.  My mind was racing with every squirrel that was running around.  It reminded me of a park where you see a few crazy kids running around and spazzing out. Chipmunks are natures' spazzy children with too much sugar in their system. I sat in the stand for 5 hours and only once did I think a bear might be near. I didn't see anything and the noise stopped so my guess is that natures' spazzy children were at it again.  

I started taking the various dirt roads back to the main dirt road where I waited to be picked up.  The North Woods is a beautiful (yet somewhat spooky) place after dark.  With the full moon it was an amazing sight, but not being able to see past my headlamp gave me a slight sense of uncertainty.  Good thing I've watched enough Survivorman to be able to sleep out in the woods if need be.  A little after 8pm, the silence was broken by a noise that was either my guide or a Sherman tank.  Luckily it was the guide.  No bears for myself, Serge or my guide, but there were 2 or 3 bears brought into camp by other hunters.  At least someone was successful.

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