Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oxbow Lodge Bear Hunt Day 4

After another great breakfast this morning, I was still feeling tired so I decided to take a little cat nap so I wouldn't be tired in the tree stand later.  I woke up and headed downstairs to talk to some of the guys who were watching TV.  We chatted for a bit and before you know it, lunch was being served.  After lunch, it was business as usual.  We got dressed and headed out to our stands.  I got to my stand about 230pm.  It was a beautiful day. There was almost no wind and it was very quiet in the woods for quite a while.  Although you could almost hear a pin drop, what I did not hear was a bear walking into my area because nothing crossed my path. So no bear for me again tonight. I wasn't alone though. Neither Serge nor my guide got a bear tonight either.  

There were, however, 3 more bears brought back to camp tonight from other hunters, and one of them was a real good sized bear.  He weighed in at 300lbs and his arms were like tree trunks with paws the size of an adult males' head. Congrats to the hunter who shot it. He's been at the lodge many times before and has come up empty handed year after year, so I was happy for him.  I'm sure it was worth the wait for this one.  So far that bear was the biggest of this week.  I still can't believe the paws on it, it's like a dinner plate with claws and fur!

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