Friday, September 16, 2011

Oxbow Lodge Bear Hunt Day 5

We woke up to rain and the forecast called for continuous rain all day, so I decided to throw in the towel and not go out to hunt today. My buddy Serge went out and got a shot at a bear at 705pm.  He was in a ground blind tucked away in some brush. Serge and Chad went to retrieve it that night, but when they found the bear, it was popping it's jaw, dug into a corner and meant business. They made the decision to come back in the morning and track it. 

We headed out to look for it this morning after breakfast.  There were 2 trucks and about 8 people in on the search.  We tracked the blood trail, saw some tissue, and a chunk of bone.  What we didn't find was the bear itself, though.  After 3 hours of walking around looking for it, we called it a morning so we could get back to the lodge, eat, then head out for another hunt.  It was a tough pill to Serge to swallow, but it happens.  There is still 2 more days to hunt.

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