Monday, November 7, 2011

Nine Days Without Power

Here in New England we got a pretty good early season snow storm.  Some towns in Mass got 32" of snow! We got a 13" at my house but as expected there were massive power outages.  My power company, National Grid, had 411k outages.  My power was out for 9 days.  I've got a fireplace and many camp tools so surviving was pretty simple.  We had many gallons of water, canned food, and plenty of wood that kept us warm.  Of the 411k outages to start we were one of the 40 outages left.  Those are lottery winning odds right there.  I didn't get out to pheasant or turkey hunt because I was busy cleaning up all the tree's that had fallen.  My Jetboil and Weber grill got a ton of use as well as my brand new Xtreme Coleman cooler.  The cooler kept ice for 9 days.  Not just kept "some" ice, it kept 80% of the ice over 9 days! Amazing! The Jetboil we used to boil water for hot cocoa and make some soup.  Hopefully this outage taught a lot of people to actually plan ahead.  Of my 17 days of vacation 9 of them had no power and 8 of them have power.  Unfortunately it looks like my hunting time this year took a big hit as I'm not sure I'll be able to get out this week either.  There is an abundance of firewood around and I've been loading up the truck to stack and split for next year.  You always have to think ahead.

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