Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mount Sugarloaf Hiking

I've passed Sugarloaf at least 20 times this year and each time I say "I'm going to hike there sometime".  Today was that day.  Mount Sugarloaf is a small mountain with pretty much only two trails.  They have an auto trail and a wooded trail.  We took the wooded trail and it was a little under half mile straight up and we climbed about 500' in elevation in that half mile.  It reminded me a lot of hiking Bash Bish Falls.  It was a beautiful day for hiking, 25 degrees with little wind and even less clouds.  At the top we got treated to clear views of other mountains such as the Holyoke Range and Mount Toby.  We were also treated to a hawk fight from the scenic lookout, which is just past the parking lot and observation tower.  It was pretty impressive to watch a hawk flying at 700' just tuck it's wings and dive down in a blink of an eye.  On the way down the mud got a little worse and it became slippery.  I decided to slip in the mud and start sliding down the side of the mountain, thankfully I've been in the woods enough to know to not panic and think quickly.  I grabbed a small tree with a kung-fu grip and hiked back to the trail and made my way down the mountain.  I had only slid 7' or so, not bad at all.

For more info on Mount Sugarloaf click here.

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