Saturday, March 12, 2011

Miller Forest Exploring

Sara and I wanted to go Hiking today because the weather was nice and the water hasn’t opened up to fish yet.  I looked on and found a place nearby called Peaked Mountain (pronounced pea-kid).  On this same road where Peaked Mountain is there is Miller Forest.  We decided to do Miller Forest first and come back to do Peaked Mountain later.  There are 10 trails or so with 25 trail intersections.  It was a good easy walk through the woods.  There were many places to sit and have a picnic and there is even a pond with picnic tables.  I’ll certainly portage a canoe a few miles to the pond and fish it to see what I can catch.  

Both area’s combine for 333 acres.  Pretty good chunk of land and it’s within a short drive.  

A PDF of the Miller Forest and Peaked Mountain can be found here.