Friday, August 12, 2011

Surprise Smallie

I took the kayak out for about an hour today to only one spot on the chicopee river for some smallies.  The kayak is a small water boat for me so it won't make many river.  I made a few adjustments to the camera mount and I wanted to see how much footage I could get one a single charge.  I paddled to a spot I know holds fish so as I took the crankbait off the lure holder and just set the rod down to adjust my seat I got a shocking surprise.  A smallie grabbed the crankbait and almost took the rod with it.  It was pretty amazing.  I NEVER leave a lure in the water without the rod in my hand but for whatever reason, I did it this time.  The video is lower quality but you get the point.  

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cape Cod Vaca - Day 3: Cape Cod Museum of Natural History and CCBL

With the rain clouds looming overhead this morning we went to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Brewster.  We easily spent a few hours in the museum and walking the nature trail that leads to the ocean and back.  We saw the many ducks that inhabit Cape Cod as well as the freshwater and saltwater fish.  We decided to take the nature trail, which is just under 2 miles.  We went through the salt marshes and had some good scenery.  The best part of the walk was when we took the “secret path” and came across two whitetail deers in the brush.  I got a pretty decent view of them and I believe it was a doe and her fawn.  It boggled my mind that 2 whitetail’s were in the small wooded area between the ocean and the marsh.  I tried to track them down to snap a few pictures but the cover was to heavy and they were to fast.  It was an $8 admission that was more than worth it.  

After the museum I wanted to check out another CCBL game so we went over to Orleans to watch the Orleans Firebirds vs the Chatham Anglers.  I'm told this rivalry is similar to the Red Sox/Yankee rivalry.  Orleans, in my opinion, has one of the nicest fields in all of the CCBL.  Unfortunately, this game had no impact on the playoff picture.  Orleans jumped out to a 9-2 lead by hitting three home runs.  I have a personal mercy rule that if a baseball game is being lead by more than 7 then i'm going to leave.  It was a chilly 65 degree night and we left in the middle of the 7th.  The final score of that game was Orleans 9 and Chatham Anglers 8.  They made a comeback, but fell short.

For a link to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History click here.

Cape Cod Vaca - Day 2: Nickerson State Park, CCBL, Ice Cream, and Lightning

Nickerson State Park is a 1,900 acre state park in Brewster, MA.  It seems out of place because there is no sandy beach or no salt marsh.  It’s got 8 fresh water ponds to fish or swim in and 400 camp sites.  It’s also right on the cape cod rail trail for bicyclists.  We took Brody on the bike paths in and around the camp ground to get him some exercise.  In total we walked a little over 2 of the 8 miles of trails that are there.  We then decided to drive around the large park to look around.  We saw the large swimming ponds and a few smaller ponds that looked like they held some good fish.  I was second guessing my decision to not bring my kayak or Gheenoe.  At night we went to watch the Brewster Whitecapes play the Cotuit Kettleers of the Cape Cod Baseball League.  If you’ve never seen a CCBL game you are missing out.  It is a PHENOMENAL league with PHENOMENAL games.  A lot of these kids will be playing pro ball in a couple years.  Some of them will be impact players, here is a list of CCBL alumni in the majors.It was a good close game.  Brewster ended up winning 4-2.  In the middle half of the 8th we decided to leave and get some ice cream before the rain rolled in.  As we pulled into the ice cream shop the clouds opened up and it was pouring.  We got our ice cream and drove down to Paine’s Creek again.  This time we were treated to a fantastic lightning storm instead of a sunset.  It went on for about 20 minutes and produced some small hail.

For a link to the CCBL click here.

For a link to Nickerson State Park click here.

Cape Cod Vaca - Day 1: Nauset Beach, The Red Pheasant Inn, and a Sunset

For the 1st day of our vacation we decided to go to Nauset Beach in Orleans.  I spent many years on the back beach of Nauset where you can drive your 4x4 on the sand.  It was a breezy 84 degrees but the water was pretty warm.  The tide was coming in and we saw a couple seals swimming down the beach.  I was hoping to see “Jaws” following it, but no luck.  We stayed for a few hours then came back to the camper to get ready because we had reservations at The Red Pheasant.  The Red Pheasant is a restaurant in Dennis right off route 6a.  Sara found a few places we could go and let me choose which one I wanted to go to.  I looked at the menu and this place has a wild game special.  It was an obvious choice that this was the one for me.  As we walked in we saw a stained glass pheasant as well as a few stuffed pheasant and various other pheasant items.  When I found out that Venison was the wild game special for the night I jumped up and kicked my heels, figuratively speaking of course.  Sara decided to go with the wild stuffed shrimp.  Both meals were excellent and arrived fast.  We finished our meals so fast we decided to go to Paine’s Creek in Brewster to catch the sunset.  I will post up a time lapse video of the sunset later. YouTube is messing up the 1st few frame's when uploading.