Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Big Bird Cage

I was sitting by the roaring fire when Sara heard a thumping noise, we brushed it off as the wind.  We live in a windy area and the wind often kicks up something.  It wasn't until a prolonged noise made me get up and look out the back window.  I thought maybe a trash can lid had blown over and was banging the can.  I looked out the kitchen window and found nothing but a large woodpile and a setting sun.  I then opened up the curtains to the porch and saw a juvenile hawk stuck on my porch enclosed by the screen.  The porch was acting as a large bird cage and he was frantically trying to escape.  There was one rip on the left hand side of the porch where I ran a hose up to power wash the porch this past fall.  I left the opening because in the spring I'm going to redo the whole porch.  The hawk must have flown into the hole in the screen but didn't know how to get out.  So let's think about this logically, what are my options here:

1) Leave the Hawk alone......I couldn't do that because he probably would have died before he found his way out.  

2) Walk out and grab the hawk and throw it through the hole.....I didn't like the idea of walking out with my chainsaw helmet on to try and grab a pissed off and scared bird of prey.  I only deal with birds that I've put a sufficient amount of shotgun pellets in.  

3) Rip the screen wider and let him fly out on his own......DING DING DING DING.  I grabbed a broom and opened up two holes and let him fly out on his own.  I've been in the woods enough to see some unbelievable things, but this takes the cake.  Here are two pictures I took before I sprang into action.



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