Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lead Fishing Tackle Ban

Here in MA when we changed our calendars we also had to change our fishing tackle.  MA implemented a lead ban for 1oz or less.  First and foremost I want everyone to quit the damn complaining.  Yes it sucks we have to buy new jigs and sinkers but no one can look me in the eye and say lead is good for the water.  I will agree that the reason the MA DFW stated was BS.  The Loons.  Currently there are 32 nesting pairs of Loons in MA, 2/3 of them reside in the Quabbin and Wachusett Resevoirs.  Here's where it doesn't make sense.  In 1975 there weren't any loons in the state.  Now how did we get the growth in population if they were really ingesting large quantities of lead.  The real reason is that each nesting pair needs around 1000 acres of water.  That's a big body of water! Let's not even bring habitat into this.  The #1 reason for most species decline in population, is habitat loss. 

The comical portion of all this, for me, is enforcing it.  The law states you can't USE lead but you can still POSSESS it.  So that means I can be out in my canoe and fish with lead and just put it away and paddle back to the launch and if a warden is there he has no proof I used lead.  I've never seen a warden while fishing anyways, so this probably won't affect many people.  I know I agree that the use of lead is bad and have since purchased new jig's and split shots to use.  So if you choose to follow the law or not, remember that it's for the good of the resource.

Lead ban resource.

Lead ban documentation from MA.

Source for Lead Free Jigs.

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