Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: Fiskars Power Tooth Saw

I have been on the lookout for a small portable saw to take with me when I go hiking or camping.  I could take a small hatchet or tomahawk but a saw seemed like a better option for light duty.  There are really three types of pack saws.  There is a folding saw, a sliding saw, and a breakdown saw (which resembles a hacksaw).

I've had good luck with Fiskars in the past, due to their amazing super splitter axe, and decided to give the sliding saw a chance.

The saw comes with a 6" blade or a 10" blade.  For my needs I chose the 6" blade.  The handle is the same FiberComp reinforced fiberglass as in their axes and hatchets.  The blade is stainless steel and has a triple edge for cutting .

My first impressions was that the blade looked very nice and should cut well and the caribiner clip was a great idea.  Wearing it off my belt loop or attached to a pack was a real bonus and would provide easy access when I needed it.  The saw comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a big plus in my book.  I love companies that make gear and are willing to stand behind the product.  It was light, sharp, bomb proof, and cost $12 from Amazon.  How could this product be bad?  I'm sorry to report that this saw sucks.  The design, which may not be a Fiskars problem, of the sliding blade makes this saw almost impossible to lock into place without being a gorilla on steroids.  I'm no body builder but I shouldn't have to use a set of vice grips to lock this saw open.  Since the saw has a short distance of play, it always seemed to lose momentum and the blade gets stuck in the wood.  I tested this with standing 2" diameter tree's as well as limbs.  During a flawless cut this blade is amazing.  It tears through the wood and I'd love to take this blade and put it in another saw or another design of a saw.  I noticed that if you take the strain off the limb by pulling down a bit, to prevent even the slightest pinch, then it works better.  Overall, this saw will not make it in my pack and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.  The locking mechanism seems to be the biggest problem in a sliding saw and I plan to skip this design altogether in the next saw purchase.



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