Wednesday, February 1, 2012

News: Truro Firefighters Save Deer

From (with video):

TRURO, Mass. -- Crews rescued a deer stuck in a well on Sunday.

Authorities say the deer may have been caught in the Truro well for days. The deer was 12 feet down the dry well, and kicking wildly. 

“I’ve gone to many animal complaints; I’ve never seen a wild animal this upset.  She tried several times to jump out of the hole and she was just not able to clear the 12 to 14 foot hole,” said Officer Jeremiah Valli of the Truro Police Department.

They couldn’t shoot the deer with a tranquilizer because he’s a game animal. The only option was for someone to go down and rope the animal. Truro firefighter Captain Shannon Corea was up for the job.

“I just wasn’t sure how she was going to react to me being right next to her like that. But I took the chance, went slowly, she sniffed me a little bit and then when I got in there I just talked to her.  I told her we were there to help her,” said Captain Shannon Corea of the Truro Fire Department.

The captain’s deer-whispering skills did the trick. Once the rope was in place, police and fire hauled the deer up and she was off, running over a hill to open marsh land.

“We don’t plan for a lot of what we get, so improvising is part of the deal, and that’s what we did and we were able to help her out,” said Captain Corea.

Neighbors say they’ll make sure the well is sealed off for good.

“The real heroes are Shannon and Officer Valli. I mean, they came and did the right thing,” said Andy Snow, a neighbor.

Police say the deer appeared to have minor injuries and looked exhausted from the ordeal, but as soon as he was rescued, he bolted right back into the forest.

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