Monday, March 12, 2012

Quinebaug Woods

It is going to be such a nice week I decided to jam pack it full of outdoor activities to enjoy.  Today we visited the Quinebaug Woods, which is another Trustees of Reservation area.  I enjoy going to those area’s because they are very clean and well taken care of.  It was 61 degrees when the trip started with very little to no wind.  Take caution when looking for the entrance because it appears out of no where and you are apt to zoom right by it and have to turn around, ask me how I know.  It’s a small parking lot but very manageable.  The trail starts off by walking parallel to the Quinebaug River.  I tried to scout out areas and see if I could find any fish but wasn’t able to see any in the main current or the typical hiding spots on a river.  I did catch a quick glimpse of what looked to be a very small fish swim quickly from a steep bank pool to the center current.  

As the trail took us away from the river and gained elevation we saw what looked to be the remains of an old stone wall and an extremely odd shaped tree that was at the boundary line.  The stone wall looks to have held up very well over the years, they don’t make them like they used to.  As we continued down the trail we got a good glimpse of the various types of tree’s around us.  We continued walking and came to a fork in the trail.  I could see a chimney through the tree’s so we took the left trail which lead us to an old chimney from a cabin built in 1932.  As I inspected the fireplace and the surrounding area I couldn’t believe how the cliff became so steep and so close to the fireplace in no more than 80yrs.  If the erosion continues there won’t even be a chimney left.  We walked back to the fork and continued down the trail to where we parked.  In total it was 1.1 mile loop trail.  

Click here to view the Quinebaug Woods info website.

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