Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rock House Reservation

With the great weather continuing we decided to head out and do more hiking.  I, again, chose a Trustees place.  This time it was the Rock House Reservation in West Brookfield.  Like most rock formations, it was built by a glacier many many years ago.  There is much more to this area than just the Rock House.  There are many rock and boulder formations as well as a scenic view at around 1,000ft.  At the base of the land is a man made pond, there aren’t any fish in the pond but it’s a popular spot for frogs, turtles, and water snakes.  On the north side of the pond is an old hunters cabin.  We started by taking the Inner Loop trail to the boulder which met the Outer Loop trail.  We continued on the Inner Loop trail to Balance Rock.  After Balance Rock we took the Fire Road until we came upon the trail that leads to the Vista.  We almost walked the loop of the trail but the back portion, by the farmland, was flooded.  We were forced to turn around and walk back the way we came back to the Fire Road.  Once we got back to the Fire Road we took it East and then followed the Fullam Loop trail through a pine grove by the Butterfly Garden.  We saw a couple of butterfly’s flying around and waited for them to land before we could snap a couple photos.  Once the Fullam Loop trail lead to the Outer Loop we followed it until we hit the Fire Road again.  We followed the Fire Road south west until we reached the cabin.  After soaking up the scenery at the cabin we followed the Fire Road to the Rock House.  After playing on the rocks we got back on the Inner Loop back to the truck.  In total there are over 100 acres of land and around 3 miles of trails to explore.  We hiked 2.58 miles this trip and spent a few hours climbing rocks and hiking the trails.  Overall this is a fantastic place and should be experienced by everyone.  

Click here for the Trustees site for the Rock House Reservation. 

Click here for a trailmap.

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