Monday, April 16, 2012

Pre-Wedding Trout Fishing

After my canoe trip on Saturday I planned a few easy to access fishing spots for Sunday morning for a friend and I.  Since I was getting married at 3pm I chose a few spots I knew of, then chose a few spots on the Mill River on Routes 5 and 10.  They were simple spots with a pull off by a bridge and walk a few hundred yards in either direction.  My alarm clock went off at 4:40am, but I was already awake.  I woke up at 3:45am excited to hit the rivers.  I jumped out of bed and made sure I had everything.  I keep all my fishing gear in my truck anyway so I just needed the camera and a canteen of water.  We took off at 5am for northern Mass.  My buddy isn’t a trout fisherman at all.  He’s a bass fisherman through and through.  I gave him a bare 1/8oz Mepps Aglia, which is the “money maker” lure for me.  Within minutes he hooked into a good sized trout.  Unfortunately (on purpose) I left my camera in my truck so that photo was never taken.....oops.  I got the camera and was just in time for another fish.  I moved around the brook and missed half a dozen fish on short strikes.  At about 8am we decided the fish are no longer fooled by our presentations and we moved on.  We traveled to a few spots but the water was to low so we eventually made our way to the Mill River in Whately and Hatfield.  I planned 3 stops to fish there.  The first stop was promising, I had a few follows but no strikes on the upstream side of the bridge.  I walked to the downstream side and that’s where the action was.  I had a few follows and finally hooked into a fallfish.  A fallfish is the largest fish in the minnow family that can grow up to 3lbs and 20in.  Mine was no where near that but he put up a good fight.  I walked the banks a bit and saw a submerged tree and knew that was the ticket.  I threw the cast and instantly a rainbow was on the line.  Very feisty and light colored.  Generally light colored rainbows mean they are wild, that’s my guess with this one.  Down the bank I caught another fallfish and that was the end of the fishing for us.  The second stop proved uneventful for us and the third stop I couldn’t find a place close to park.  In total we got 5 fish and had many laughs.


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