Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quinebaug River Canoe Trail

I’ve been trying to get out to the Quinebaug Canoe Trail for a few weeks but haven’t had any luck.  The Canoe Trail starts at Holland Pond and travels the Quinebaug River all the way to East Brimfield Lake.  The website states that the trail is 5.5 miles from the start to the boat launch at East Brimfield Lake.  We traveled about three miles then turned around.  I had quite a difficult time locating the area’s to park.  The sign at Holland pond reads “East Brimfield Lake”, which is where the problem was.  I was trying to get to that parking lot but at a different location.  Now that I know we can plan a chase car at the finish of the trail.  We paddled about 6 miles total, we essentially went to the East Brimfield Holland Rd bridge and turned around.  That was another source of problems.  The map on the website doesn’t have the full street names.  Outside of bad info, the trail is great.  It’s a flat section of water with very little current.  The wind direction effects you more than the current.  The wind wasn’t to bad today, it was around 12mph but we did get to a couple areas where it was gusty in our face.  That’s when the canoe really doesn’t move well.  We saw around 50 painted turtles on the trail and we even saw two Sandhill Crane’s.  There isn’t much of a fishing opportunity on the trail because the water is very shallow.  There are maybe a half dozen spots where it gets deeper, I only saw two fish of any size.  I did happen to see thousands of small young bass and panfish.  On the trail there are three spots to stop and rest.  They are located at 1 mile, 2 miles, and 2.4 miles in.  Each area is very well maintained with benches to sit and a fire pit.  If you do canoe or kayak the trail make sure you get there by noon on the weekends.  The parking lot was full when we got back to the trucks.  The Canoe Trail is maintained by the US Army Corp of Engineers.

To visit the Quinebaug Trail click here.

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