Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Campbell Falls Hiking

I decided to recently visit the four best waterfalls in MA (more on that later).  First up on my trip was the Campbell Falls.  The Campbell Falls is located within the Campbell Falls State Park, which is in Connecticut.  The falls itself is located in New Marlborough Mass.   The hike is very short and easy, 10 minutes at best.  The falls consist of the Whitney River plunging and cascading 50’ through a tight gorge.  Quite a spectacular site, especially after a couple days of rain.  It’s fairly easy to get to, just take Campbell Falls Rd, a dirt road, and follow it until you see a chain link fence.  There is no huge sign for it just a small sign on a tree.  Look for the fence and you can’t miss it.  This is the best waterfall in the state, in my opinion.  It’s usually not packed, like Bash Bish Falls, and the way it zig zags as it falls is something that should be seen by everyone.  It takes a bit to get to since it’s not directly off a highway but if you go you won’t regret it.

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