Thursday, May 24, 2012

Race Brook Falls Hiking

My next trip was to the Race Brook Falls, which are within the Mt. Everett State Reservation in Sheffield.  These falls are unique because there are five of them, all of which are unique.  They are unique because you get what you put into it.  If you want to see just the lower falls then it’s only a little over a half mile.  If you want to visit them all it’s almost 4 miles total.  The lower falls drop around 100 ft. within a hemlock grove. The second and third waterfalls are a 30 ft. drops of horsetails and cascades.  If you wade through the brook on the second falls you can lean up against the near vertical wall as the water splashes down.  Just bring a biodegradable bar of soap and have yourself a unique natural shower.  The fourth waterfall is generally the hardest to get to but it’s a great reward.  It’s a gorgeous 60 ft. horsetail when water is high.  The fifth and last waterfall takes some bushwacking to get to and is only 15 ft. tall.  Generally the flow isn’t that great as it’s higher up in the mountainside.  Each waterfall is a sight to behold for their own reasons.  One word of caution, keep any eye out for Timber Rattlesnakes as they are in the park.  If you don’t mess with them they won’t mess with you.  Just keep an eye out.  The parking lot is very easy to get to, it's right on Route 41 between South Egremont and the Connecticut line.

Click here to go to the Mt. Everett State Reservation.

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