Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sticking To Your Guns Part - 1

As you’ve read, I’ve been catching many trout on a dry fly lately.  Once you catch trout on a dry fly, you want more and more and more until it clouds your judgement.  Yesterday was a friends birthday and he wanted to go fishing.  Far be it from me to disappoint a friend on his birthday, so of course I went fishing.  I took him to the section of the Scantic River that I’ve had good dry fly action.  We fished that section for a couple of hours and I couldn’t get a trout to take my dry fly if my life depended on it.  I had a few rises but once they got a closer look they passed on my feather and thread meal.  I caught zero trout he caught two brown’s on a nymph.  He gave up the dry when it wasn’t working and tossed a nymph near some downed tree’s.  We moved up river a few miles to another spot we have fished many times.  I gave him the prime spot, it was his birthday after-all, and I waded up stream.  As I get 50 yds. upstream he pulls out a feisty brookie........on a nymph.  I walked back and fished the same pool as he moved down river, no luck for me.  We waded downstream a quarter of a mile then walked back to the vehicles to visit one last area.  This last area is where I had water in my waders a few weeks back.  I could see trout rising and I stuck to my guns.  I casted and casted and casted in a pool until finally I hooked into a brown trout.  Somehow in my mind I accepted that it was all worth it to catch that fish on a dry fly.  We called it a day and each headed home.  Deep down I knew I should put the dry fly away, but............


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