Monday, May 28, 2012

Sticking To Your Guns Part-2

A few hours after we parted ways on his birthday, we decided that another trip was in order.  We chose the very next day.  I like to have a few hours to plan spots to take him, but this was short notice so I whipped together a few places.  I took him to the East Branch of the Swift River in Petersham for the first stop.  I got to bed at 1am and woke up at 3:47am because I was excited to go.  Somehow I fell back asleep and was up at 4:40am when my alarm went off.  He arrived at my house a little before 5:00am and we were off.  We got to the water at about 6:00am and the fish were active.  We saw rising trout everywhere.  I stuck to my guns and put on a Parachute Adams and he chose to fish a nymph.  My third cast out I landed a brown trout on the surface.  This is how a day should start!  Little did I know that it was my last fish of the day.  As I was retying the fly he fished upstream a little of the pool I caught the fish and he landed two brown’s of his own.  He said he landed two, I only saw one.  We know how those fish stories grow don’t we.  Next week he’ll tell me he landed five.  He decided to walk downstream and fish a larger pond area to see if there were any lunkers, there wasn’t.  Well, there wasn’t any that wanted what he was offering.  I continued to fish around that pool, without any takers.  We then headed to another area of the East Branch of the Swift a little farther downstream.  We parked close to a closed bridge and fished upstream.  This was a great location because it was shaded, quiet, and secluded.  I missed a fish when we arrived there, which gave me some false confidence that the dry fly was going to work.  He waded upstream and caught another brown behind a large boulder.  He cast upstream and when it passed the boulder the trout attacked.  The exact spot you’d think the trout would be.  I waded up and had no luck on the dry fly, it wasn’t until we turned around to come back that I finally gave up and put on a wooly bugger.  I casted out a few times on the way back to the truck but had no takers.  In hindsight I should have put on the wooly bugger a few hours after that first fish.  When it came down to it the nymph outperformed the dry fly at least 2:1.

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