Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Red Bridge Paddling (Chicopee River Pool)

Since Saturday started National Fishing and Boating week and was a washout we decided to do a little paddling on Sunday.  We wanted to explore the water where we took Brody swimming.  It’s a small connection pool off the Chicopee River at Red Bridge.  We loaded up my canoe and Sara’s kayak and hit the trail head a little before noon.  I had to portage the boats a short distance but it’s a cut path so it was no big deal.  There are multiple put-in’s but we chose the first available since there were a few cars there already and people fishing along the bank

With the rain we got the water levels were up, which is odd because it’s still so shallow.  It couldn’t have been more than one foot deep in a lot of places.  The wind was soft and the sun was out so it made for a good paddle around the water.  We paddled starting from left all the way around, almost two miles total.  We stopped to look at some turtles on a log and even paddled under a foot bridge to get to Red Bridge.  Once we got to the other side we saw at least 15 boats and decided to paddle back under the bridge.  During the paddle I could see panfish in a lot of places and I spotted a few decent size bass, for the body of water.  After paddling around we just floated around enjoying the fresh air.  We started to head back when the storm clouds rolled in, we made it just in time because it started to rain on the drive home.

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