Friday, June 22, 2012

Royalston Falls Hiking

When we finished loading up the boats from our paddling, we went north to visit the Royalston Falls.  Royalston Falls is managed by the Trustees of Reservation and connects along the Tully Trail.  From the parking lot the falls are almost a mile.  The hike was very muddy and wet, so wear proper footwear.  We hiked about half a mile down the trail and veered off trail to look at the pool of water just upstream of the falls.  We preceded to follow the trail, which paralleled the brook.  Just 100 yards or so before the falls you cross over the brook.  Once you cross over you follow the brook until you see the falls.  Royalston Falls flows through a gorge and plunges 45 ft. into a basin, so you don’t get the loud roar of water.  The hike is a bit more challenging with the wet conditions but it’s a short hike.

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