Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tully Lake & Doane's Falls

After we paddled Long Pond we took a quick "sandwich break" on shore and continued our exploration of the water ways.  We paddled around Tully Lake exploring the various islands.  Tully Lake is owned by the US Army Corps of Engineers but it's managed by the Trustees of Reservation.  Being a weekend a lot of the islands were already claimed by people staying at the Tully Lake Campground, but we managed to find our own.  With a BBQ and some chairs it would have been perfect.  The first island we landed on was a little steep but we explored the island and waded around to cool ourselves off.  The second island was flatter and looked to be a hot spot for beaver activity.  We saw numerous trees that were down or in the process of being cut down by the resident beaver.  You could easily make a day of paddling the islands and stopping at them.  

After we explored the lake we paddled up Lawrence Brook a short way and landed on shore.  After we stored the boats a few feet awat from the water we walked the trail to Doane's Falls.  The falls can also be reached from the Tully Lake canoe launch area.  Doane's Falls drops a total of 175 ft.  The lower section plunges and the upper section cascades.  The water level was low and both sections were still raging, I can only imagine what it is like in the spring with the snow melt.

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