Friday, July 20, 2012

Oxbow Paddling

The original gameplan was to paddle 15 miles down the CT river, due to time constraints and previous obligations we decided to just paddle the Oxbow Marina area.  We paddled the Oxbow, Hulbert Pond, and part of the Mill River.  We started by paddling in and around Hulbert Pond.  The water was shallow and stained so we could only go so far.  Next we traveled up the Mill River.  It was also shallow but in the center it was deep enough to paddle.  Due to previous storms there were many tree's down in the river that we had to paddle around or over.  We eventually got to a point where it was portage around or turn around.  We chose to turn around and paddle back.  Once we got back we got out into the marina and stopped at a sandbar and swam to cool off.  We circled the marina and packed up and headed home.

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