Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Afternoon Trout Fishing

After a fun morning hunting pheasants, I got a text from another friend who wanted to hit the river for an hour or two. We are into the middle of November and generally my trout chasing days are over until the spring, but Tenkara fishing is so much fun I just keep going out.

He met me a little before noon and we were off. I didn’t bother putting on my waders, I just wore my hunting boots and my upland bibs. I took off all the blaze orange and put on my fishing hat and chest back and we were off. I’ve been a dry fly snob the last half of the summer. I just can’t get enough of top water action.

I had to dance from rock to rock to get into position but I eventually got to spots I wanted. I tried to entice fish upstream with no success. Many fish came up to my fly but they tuned quickly away. I quickly gave up and fished the beginning of a pool downstream. There nice slack area I could drop my fly into. With Tenkara, all the line is off the water so it was simple to keep the fly in that slack area for long periods of time. I held a size 14 yellow humpy in that slack water and saw a trout swim around it like a shark. The fish eventually came to the surface to nose the fly then went back down. I didn’t set the hook I just kept it there. He came up a second time for his meal and I hooked him then. I walked down the shoreline a bit to get him to a better area to land. He was well into his fall colors, being darker. I tried the same technique and got three more bites. The bites were so soft, I yanked the hook out of the fishes mouth. It’s like they were just holding it in their mouth, not committed to eating it. He had to get back to work and I had to get home and finish some home renovations. I got the one fish and had lots of fun. I’m fairly certain it’s my last time out until spring.


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