Sunday, November 25, 2012

Review: Ty-Rite Jr Fish Hook Holder

For years I’ve used hemostats to quickly tie a clinch knot. I’d attach the hemostat to the tag end and spin it around. The problem is, I’ve lost three hemostats in the water in the last few years. I knew that there had to be a better way.

The search was on! I looked high and low and came across this great little product. It’s called the Ty-Rite. There is a Ty-Rite Jr. and a Ty-Rite Sr. The difference is the hook size it’s designed for. The Jr. is designed for flies all the way down to size 24. I don’t fish size 24, it’s just personal preference. I don’t fish flies I can’t even see in my hand. The Sr. is designed for streamers.

The Jr. is what I chose and it works FLAWLESSLY. I have used it for flies as big as size 10.


To use it just simply push the end in, like a pen. A small hook comes out of the tip. Put the fly hook into the Ty-Rite hook and let go off the end. The fly is now held by the tool. Thread the eye of the hook and spin the Ty-Rite in your hands and finish the knot as you normally would and you’re done. Just push the end of the Ty-Rite to release the hook. Once you get used to it you can tie a clinch or improved clinch knot in under 10 seconds.



For $10 this is a tool you MUST have. You can likely pick it up at any fly shop. I know Cabela’s and L.L. Bean carry it. If you’re looking for that special Christmas gift for that fisherman in your family, this is it.

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