Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Trout Year Ends

It’s New Year’s Eve and the 2012 trout year has officially come to an end. I got out with a friend for a few hours on one of his local rivers. The day was filled with fluffy snow, ice, fast moving water, and casting to fish that weren’t around. Dressed in my wool union suit, wool sweater, wool gloves, bomber hat, and windproof jacket the weather was not a problem. It was in the low 30s with clear sunny skies. Generally I’ve found the fish don’t bite to well in the nice sunny winter days. I always have better luck during the overcast snowy days. To make a long story short we didn’t catch anything, but that’s ok. It was the first winter outing with my Tenkara rod and it was great. No iced up guides and no cold hands. I’m looking to make a few more winter trips so I can avoid a “winter skunk” so hopefully I can land one. Winter is notoriously tough trout fishing.



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