Friday, December 7, 2012

Tenkara "Class"

A few weeks ago I went fishing with Fly Fishing author and writer Tom Meade, who wanted to try his hand at Tenkara. He drove up from RI and we met at the Swift River. We fished for a couple hours even though mother nature was a little cruel to us. It was in the mid 30s, windy, and rainy. I showed him the casting motions and the theories behind Tenkara. He took to it very quickly, as expected. Unfortunately we weren’t able to land any fish that day, but we still had fun.

After we left the river we grabbed some food and swapped stories. It was easily one of the more enjoyable times I’ve gone fishing. These days Tom can be found on twitter @TomMeade2 or by picking up the Providence Journal. For a copy of his book, click here.

Recently Tom wrote about our time on the river. That can be seen by clicking here.

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