Monday, July 30, 2012

News: Shark Bites Swimmer In Truro

It was only a matter of time.


A man was bitten in the leg or ankle by a shark this afternoon while body surfing off Ballston Beach in Truro, according to witnesses, who also reported seeing a shark dorsal fin.

Rescue personnel were called to the beach at about 3:30 p.m. after a report of a shark bite. Shark sightings off the Cape have increased markedly in recent years up and down the Outer Cape.

The man was carried off the beach with what appeared to be wounds to at least one of his legs and foot area, a Times reporter said from the scene. The man was conscious and when asked by the reporter how he was doing he gave the thumbs up.

Anne-Marie Corner, a Truro summer resident, said she was watching two swimmers off the beach when a dorsal fin suddenly appeared in the water between them. The fin disappeared and then a short time later she heard a cry for help.

"I was shaken," said Corner. "It was horrifying to see it."

As of 4:45 p.m. Ballston Beach remained open as officials were still assessing the situation.

Several other witnesses also reported seeing a shark fin off the popular beach. The victim was body surfing about a third of a mile off the beach.

No further information is available at this time.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Surprise Fishing Partner

I was fishing the West Branch of the Swift River in Belchertown today when I heard a slight noise and over my shoulder was this doe. She wasn’t that big but she came within 20 yards and looked at me and continued to eat. I didn’t bother her and she didn’t bother me. Proof that you never know what will happen when you’re out in the woods.





Saturday, July 28, 2012

Move Complete!

As you may have noticed, the rebuild is 95% done. I still need to add some small things to make it 100%. If you encounter any problems let me know so I can correct them. For those who subscribe via RSS, your link will need to be updated.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

News: 21lb Lobster Caught Off Cape Cod

One week a shark, the next week a monster lobster.


A 21-pound lobster recently caught off Nauset Beach in Orleans is now on display.

“I had its tail on my shoulder and I had each claw in one of my hands, and it was as long as my arms and as big as my torso. It’s giant,” said Manager Elise Costa.

Costa said the lobster’s claws were each about one foot long.

“Usually, for every four and a half pounds of live lobster, once you cook it and clean it, you get one pound of meat. So 21 divided by four and a half, that would give you about five pounds of meat,” said Costa.

Costa says a 27-pound lobster was caught off the coast of Maine in February, but catching a big lobster is becoming a rarity.

“They have changed the regulations and put what’s called a max gauge on some of these larger lobsters, and to the best of my knowledge, it’s one of the only areas in New England that doesn’t have a max gauge yet,” said Costa.

The plan is to show the lobster off for a few days and then either sell it or raffle it for charity.

“Often when we have lobsters this large, people come in to catch them, and they like to release them, which is kinda cool,” said Costa.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Oxbow Paddling

The original gameplan was to paddle 15 miles down the CT river, due to time constraints and previous obligations we decided to just paddle the Oxbow Marina area.  We paddled the Oxbow, Hulbert Pond, and part of the Mill River.  We started by paddling in and around Hulbert Pond.  The water was shallow and stained so we could only go so far.  Next we traveled up the Mill River.  It was also shallow but in the center it was deep enough to paddle.  Due to previous storms there were many tree's down in the river that we had to paddle around or over.  We eventually got to a point where it was portage around or turn around.  We chose to turn around and paddle back.  Once we got back we got out into the marina and stopped at a sandbar and swam to cool off.  We circled the marina and packed up and headed home.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Truro Vineyards Tour

While at the Cape we decided to take a tour of the Truro Vineyards.  The vast majority of Truro is designated as National Seashore, which makes it unique.  There isn't even a stoplight there.  At 1pm and 3pm there are tours of the property, the tours are short, half an hour, but you get to see the area and learn the basic process of how they make their wine.  I am not a wine drinker, but i've got relatives that used to make their own wine.  If that doesn't make me a wine export, I don't know what does.  The tour starts out in front of the 1800s era farm house and a massive Chinese Mulberry tree, then make it's way to some of the vineyard, and lastly heads back indoors where the wine is aged.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Scargo Lake Tower

Scargo Lake is one of Cape Cod's many "Kettle Pond's".  It's located in Dennis and has an interesting legend behind it.  The legend is:

Once, the beautiful Princess Scargo, lived along the Dennis shores. She was part of the Bobuset tribe, lead by her father Sagem. One day, a brave young runner from a faraway tribe happened to espy the Princess. At once, the two fell madly in love.

To show his devotion, the brave gave the Princess a beautifully carved pumpkin, which he had hollowed out and filled with water. Four small silvery fish were inside. He promised to return to the Princess before the fish had fully grown.

The Princess adored her gift. She hollowed out a small pond in a clearing and returned every day. As the fish grew, the time apart from her beloved diminished.

The summer was long and dry, though. One morning, when she arrived at the pond, she found it dry. Three of the fish were dead. As she wept uncontrollably, her tears kept the one remaining fish alive.

Her grief greatly distressed her father. Sagem called a meeting at which it was decided a lake was needed for Princesses' fish. The strongest and most skilled brave was instructed to shoot an arrow. When it fell, the spot was marked. The brave shot 3 more arrows to mark the remaining boundaries for the lake. Then, squaws, using clamshells as shovels, dug a hole within the boundaries, which was then filled by fall rains.

The fish thrived in the lake and Princess Scargo resumed her wait for her lover. As promised, he returned before the fish had matured, and they were married soon after. They continued to live along the shore of Scargo Lake, where the descendants of the silvery fish-a token of love-still swim.

The views from the tower were pretty good.  We were able to see the Lake in the foreground and the ocean in the background.  We even caught someone parasailing, I think.  The lake is a put and take trout fishery with some resident bass in it.

Click here for the Department of Fish and Wildlife info for the Lake.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Herring Run Area, Brewster

Every year the Herring make their way from the Atlantic Ocean upstream to spawn.  It's quite an amazing sight to see, large quantities of fish racing upstream.  Some will be lucky enough to make it and successfully spawn and others will become food for the various creatures along the banks.  There are a number of places to watch the Herring run in the spring but if you are in the Brewster area, check out the area on Stony Brook Rd.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Cape Cod Vaca Wrap Up

The internet at the campground wasn't fast enough to upload photo's or surf for any more than checking directions and times things are open.  So here's a quick wrap up.  As always we stayed in Brewster for four days.  On day 1 we visited the Herring run area of Brewster, Scargo Lake tower in Dennis, Harris-Black house and Higgins Windmill, and went on a wine tour at the Truro vineyards.  On day 2 we called it a lazy day.  We hit the tennis ball around, went to Nickerson State Park, and watched a Cape Cod Baseball League game.  On Day 3 we went on a scenic train ride in Hyannis then ate dinner by the beach and waited for the sunset.  More details on all those events along with some photo's to follow.   

Sunday, July 8, 2012

News: Jaws On The Cape

This is a text book case of cause and effect.  You protect a species blindly, then population sky rockets and it brings in predators.  Who didn't see this coming??






Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Springfield Fireworks Display

Tonight we went down and took a look at the Springfield fireworks. I had never taken photo’s of fireworks with my camera using the actual fireworks setting. I ended up taking over 140 and only about 83 came out good or good enough to save.

Monday, July 2, 2012

News: Relocated Bear Returns

Wild animals have a fantastic sense of direction and if they want to go somewhere, they will.


There are some places in the northeast where a bear in your front yard isn’t a big deal, but Brookline and Cape Cod aren’t on that list. 

So what is it that has a rogue bear travelling 100 miles back to the coast? 


On Tuesday, a bear was reported to be hanging out in the Brookline treetops of a $4.9 million home, six miles from downtown Boston. Police confirmed it to be the same bear found in Cape Cod that had been relocated100 miles away to Central Massachusetts on June 11th.

The home belonged to Sherry Levanthal, who seemed shocked and excited by the experience in her comments on

“I had breakfast watching the bear out my front window… I don’t think the rest of my life will be as exciting as this morning,” she said.

The team successfully apprehended the trespassing animal after an Environmental Police officer shot it with a tranquilizer gun from a cherry picker. The bear managed to climb 30 ft down before the tranquilizer took effect, leaving him to drop another 20 into the front bushes. 

Though scientists acknowledge a general expansion in territory by bears in the area, no one can explain this bear’s determined taste for white collar, New England neighborhoods.

Based on relocation success so far though, I say forget the tranquilizer and set the poor bear up with a real estate agent in the Cape Town area.