Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tips: Ice Safety

In case you didn’t know it’s January, which is usually a popular month for ice fishing and ice skating. The safest ice is out west in the Berkshires and hill towns, but safe ice can be found anywhere. The general rule of thumb as far as ice safety goes is 4” on still water should be safe to walk on. Of course take it with a grain of salt, if the ice is 3” or 4” thick and slushy you may be going for a mid winter dunk. Slush ice tends to be around 50% weaker. Also if there is snow on the ice, the snow acts as an insulator keeping the temperature around 32 degrees. If it’s 20 degrees air temp the temp under the snow will still be around 32 degrees. When checking ice it’s best to check for ice thickness every 150’ as well. What happens if you fall in? I’ll get to that in a more detailed post later this week.

4” - Safe to walk on

5” - Safe for ATV

8” - 12” Car or small pickup

12” - 15” Medium truck

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