Sunday, April 14, 2013

Almost the "Slam"

I got out today for a couple hours this morning to try a new section of a local river. Even though it’s a Sunday it was quiet, perhaps the 40 degree weather kept people away. I walked upstream a short ways to a pool that had a slack area on the other side and a strong current in-between. I knew with my Tenkara rod that would be a good place to try. Any other fly fisherman that attempted that pool would have their line swept away in the current. I made a cast to the head of the area and let it drift down with no line on the water. I made another cast and this time did some twitching and still nothing. I made a third cast and felt the line tighten. A small brown trout took my Ishigaki Kebari fly and before he knew what happened, he was in the net.

 photo P1030331_zpseb9ac7da.jpg

I saw another fish dart away as I pulled the brown to me so I fished upstream some more and gave that fish a few moments to relax before I went after him. I had no takers further upstream so I slowly made my way back down and fished that same area again. Two casts later and this time a rainbow had fallen to the Kebari fly.

 photo P1030338_zps14cdd191.jpg

Now if I could only find a brook trout I’d have the first Trout slam of 2013. I moved downstream a ways to a slow moving pool and found what looked to be a brown trout rising on the other side of the river. The river in this section is around 30’ wide. There was no way I was going to reach him with 12’ of line on my Tenkara rod. Instead I sat and watched him for awhile then walked back to my car and headed home. Sometimes just watching a fish rise is equally as good as catching it.

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