Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fishing before breakfast and work

I have a training session all week that is scheduled around the presenter, who is in the central time zone. That means I get AT LEAST an hour of fishing before I have to be home to login. I rolled out of bed and into my car this morning for 45 minutes of no wind fishing. I started off with the Hornberg that was clinging to life from a few days ago. It lasted one fish. Same technique as the previous two days and another rainbow was in the net. The hook actually snapped off at the eye. So it looks like i’ve got to sit down at the vice and turn out a few Hornbergs.

After I removed the remnants from the fish and my net I tied on an Amano Kebari. I really like the light/white color of flies in this body of water because I can see them better. It was to quick on the draw a few times and pulled the fly right out of the trouts mouth. I had another one hooked that danced off, perhaps I hadn’t set the hook hard enough. As time was running down I was able to get one more taker. The rainbow jumped four or five times trying to throw the hook, but ended up in the net. He was an acrobatic little bugger. I bid him farewell and told him i’d see him tomorrow. I waded back to shore got in my car and logged in for class.

 photo P1030310_zpse775d032.jpg

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