Monday, April 8, 2013

Mid Morning Fishing

My wife went to a baby shower for a friends wife, so we had a few hours to ourselves. What to do what to do….?? I know let’s go fishing! He recently bought an Orvis Helios 2 rod and decided it was time to break it in. Being one to never turn down a fishing trip, I thought it was a good idea as well. We arrived at the river in the mid morning. He had an intense look in his eye that today was the day of the first trout on the rod. He put his son in a hiking backpack, put on the waders and off we went. Since fishing with a 40lb kid on your back CAN be difficult I gave him the easy spots and told him i’d be his net man. I told him about my Hornberg success so he tied one on and cast out. Almost instantly he broke off. D’oh!

We walked downstream a bit to a few rising fish and he was able to land his first trout on the new rod. It was a rainbow that had a lot of fight in him. The fish was still pulling as I ran through the woods to get to him to net the fish.

 photo P1030304_zpsaab9b6fd.jpg

We then decided to scout another area downstream. After a few casts with the same technique as Saturday I was able to hook into a little rainbow. I caught him on an Amano Kebari.

 photo P1030308_zpsb222fdcf.jpg

The bent over rod must have been a calling card to those nearby because 3 people came down and fished the exact area I was fishing. Another example of horrible fishing etiquette. It was around lunch time so we packed up and went home. I knew i’d get back out to that spot during the week when there was less of a chance of running into anyone.

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