Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wooden Fly Boxes

I have gone through maybe a dozen fly boxes. I want something small and with some character. I only carry around 5 patterns at best so I don’t need anything crazy. If I can’t catch something with one of those 5 patterns then it’s not the fish it’s my presentation, or lack thereof.

I searched the internet and came up with a few options. The first option is a four compartment box made out of maple. I don’t really like the hinge on it but it’s something I can live with, and is my current “in use” box.

 photo P1030242_zps2937ae66.jpg

 photo P1030243_zps23389597.jpg

The next is one I was recently turned onto by a fellow Tenkara Angler. I like the leather hinge in this much better but it’s a bit deep for my liking to carry in my pack. I think this one will hold the two Tenkara style flies I use and tie.

 photo P1030244_zpse7f1cd91.jpg

 photo P1030245_zps3c480dbc.jpg

The last option isn’t much of a fly box, it’s more of a fly container. It’s round and would work in my pack but i’m going to use it keep a stack of flies I recently tie. So ultimately the last two will end up on my fly tying bench.

 photo P1030235_zps1d7d4376.jpg

 photo P1030236_zps7f66564f.jpg

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