Sunday, February 10, 2013

Birthday Walk in the Woods

Today I turned 30 and since we just received 25” of snow, I thought it was a good of a time as ever to get back out in the woods. It’s been so long since I’ve been in the woods, I missed it. My wife and I went for a walk to a local river I fish quite often. Winter fishing can be brutally hard. If you are matching the hatch your best bet is to fish midges. I don’t fish midges at all. I refuse to tie on a fly that I can’t even see. I rarely subscribe to the match the hatch mentality. I prefer to give a proper presentation and find fish that are biting. The more you move through the woods the more you experience.

 photo P1030193_zps8b8388aa.jpg

……………..Two roads diverge……………..

 photo P1030179_zps7e4c86aa.jpg

The snowshoers came and packed down a little trail all the way to the end of the river. This made the walking extremely easy. I brought my snowshoes but didn’t need them at all. After walking only a few hundred yards we came across a lot of wood shavings at the base of a tree.

 photo P1030181_zps697ba234.jpg

At first I thought it was a woodpecker but the holes were perfectly made and the shavings were quite big. I’m not sure what made the hole.

 photo P1030182_zpse8ff31a7.jpg

Further down the trail we came across a large group of Mallard ducks. These must be some local ducks because they certainly didn’t fly south for the winter. They must also know it’s no longer duck season.

 photo P1030185_zps331d94a6.jpg

I finally made it to the section of the river I wanted to fish. It was a little over a mile from the parking lot. I saw one rainbow trout this whole section of the river. The river is about a foot deep and gin clear so it’s fairly easy to spot fish. I cast to him a few times before I got a little to close and hooked a half broken branch over the fish.

 photo P1030190_zps522c4330.jpg

 photo P1030187_zps9e7f0e9f.jpg

As I grabbed the branch I saw that I didn’t hook the branch, I hooked another fisherman’s streamer. I took it as a birthday souvenir. There was also an extremely small bead head nymph a little higher on the tree, I couldn’t reach that one though.

 photo P1030189_zps6b371d70.jpg

Ice forming at the end of some low hanging branches.

Here is a video of a duck feeding.